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To Excel At Reaching Teens

Positive Ways to Engage Teens

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Training Sessions

Starting From Scratch

Learn dynamic program structures and organizational systems that will position your new teen program for long-term success.

Raise a Winning Leadership Team

Be equipped with relevant strategies that will enable you to build an effective team so that your youth program can experience expansion and growth.

The Power of Recognition

Learn the importance of recognizing significance in every teenager by creating a culture of affirmation and elevation in your organization.

Mentors Make the Difference

The three primary roles of a successful mentor are taught, along with insights on how to launch a mentoring network within your youth program and community.

Connecting with Disconnected Teens

Proven strategies are given that empower you to connect with detached and marginalized teenagers in your community.

Ways to Win Teens

The five I’s of positive youth engagement are explained along with insights on how to be a “go-to” person and organization for teens your community.

Building a Balanced Youth Program

Learn exciting checks and balances that will motivate students to keep returning to your after-school program week after week.

The Significance of Saying Something

Discover how to increase the self-esteem of your students by creating a “code culture” that builds healthy teen identities.

Creating Confident Teens

Learn to implement the four C’s that will empower teens to excel in your program as well as in their classrooms and communities.


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